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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday and toys

So here is the Avicake.  I stuck 3 lollipop sticks in there to be the candles.  I did make the "cake" a bit more healthy by adding bee pollen, avian probiotics, ground flax seed, light sprinkles of wheatgrass powder and spirulina along with millet sprigs.  

Jada got her own slice, same as Evie and Pan.  Jada can not share with the others and Evie is too weak to fight the others off from her share.

Chomper was the first one to make a move on the family size cake.

Let's just say that this was one messy party!  Seriously!  They kept flying around and you know when those wings beat, the motion of it makes the light weight items fly off the plate.  Milo was having a grand time eating all the stuff he shouldn't have.  I had to end the cake party early and vacuum cuz Milo really can't be eating all this sweet stuff.  

Let's just say there were loads of leftovers!

They can't say I never threw them a pool party cuz I did and Evie was the only one who jumped in.

My precious blondie turned 3!  I just love her so much.  
Well, since Milo was invited but couldn't join in, he got tissue paper and box filled with shreddable paper.

I ordered a bunch of diy bird toy parts from various websites.  The ones I ordered from this month were:      http://www.cabirdnerds.com, http://www.economyhandicrafts.com/p-10651-whacky-whirly-tool.aspx, and http://www.bluesbirdtoys.com/ (where I also got my Jolly ball for Christmas last year).  

Ca Bird Nerd and Blue's Bird Toys sent me some great sample toys as well that I love!  I appreciate all the freebies I can get.  You would think bird toys were cheap, but they really aren't.  I mean they are, but I have 13 birds and need to order enough to last them an X amount of time.  It is cheaper to make your own toys though I would say you definitely need ideas on what to make and buy those items.  They may not look as awesome as some of the already made ones, but the birds don't care!  

This is a large gourd cup filled with loofah that I cut up, shredders, yucca, bagels, and then I fill it with treats.

These two are always my guinea pigs :)  Joey is wary of new things, but he'll always try it out first before the others. 
These are the small gourd cups. 

My birds love knots and leather so I made them this toy.  Let's just say my fingers were hurting after tying so many knots!

Foot toys I made

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