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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Hatchweekend!

Today is Evie's 3rd birthday.   Yay!  To be honest, I make today her birthday because the breeder didn't know when exactly she was born, only that it was the third week in September.

Today is also Basil's birthday.  I know that for sure because, well, I was there :)  and so it continues with Ginger tomorrow, Pepper on Sunday, Sage on Monday and Wasabi on Wednesday.

I can't believe it's been a year already since they were hatched.  And I can't believe Evie is 3 years old either.  Each year goes by faster than the last.  It's kinda sad.  I hope all my fabies will grow to live past 10 years.  I'm hoping they'll live to be at least 20.  I know it's a long shot, but you never know, that's why each day in my house is filled with kisses and cuddle time.

I was thinking of making birdie bread as their cake, but to be honest, I won't have time for that.  So of course, there is only one cake left in the world that they love and comes made already: Avicakes!  I'm gonna throw them a birdie party on Monday and make them their toys on Sunday.  I'm still waiting on some toys to arrive, but I'll make do with what I got last week.  Besides, my birds appreciate the time out of their cages more than toys anyway.

This weekend, I for sure have to post up the sprouts I made and the mash too.  I've been busy doing non productive things like watching season premiers of new and old shows.  Uh, spent 3 hours on the sofa watching The Middle, Modern Family, and Revenge last night.  I do have to say that I loved Revenge.  The guy who plays the bartender is super cute.  I do hope I'll see more of Amber Valletta.  She is just so stunning.  And Modern Family is funny and awesome like always.

I am sad I missed Glee though.  Hulu locked it so I can't have access until 8 days after it shows.  Lame!  It was never like that before.  Besides I heard it was not that great of a first episode plus they got rid of Sam!  I loved Trouty Mouth.  He was so good and cute.  I can't stand Justin Beiber and Sam did a great job of singing that Baby song.  I'm gonna miss him.  I heard there is less of Lauren Zizes.  Sad.  I loved her attitude and sass!  Even though I love Glee, I feel like there is too many cooks in the kitchen as far as the writing goes.  The story line can be everywhere sometimes.  Btw, thank god there is no more Warblers.  They were so annoying.  They smiled way too much.

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