"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free"


Monday, October 31, 2011


As it is Halloween, I thought I would write about cemeteries.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is something spooky about them and the mere mention of visiting one to take pictures was greeted by a "hell no, are you crazy?" by my boyfriend.  No, I'm not crazy.  Yes, it's creepy, but there is something very peaceful and beautiful about cemeteries, especially old ones (though I do say that they are the most eerie).  I like looking at the tombstones, the dates and names on them.  I wonder who these people were, how did they live, how did they die, what wishes and dreams did they take with them, did they accomplish all they wanted, and were they good or bad people.  When I went to take some Autumn photos, I had to walk by an enormous cemetery.  It was extremely quiet and large.  This one though does not allow photos to be taken.  I did dare from outside the fence and then I deleted the photos because I felt bad (yes, I am a goody goody two shoes like that).

I actually did not dress up and go anywhere this weekend.  I did not catch the fever this year.  It's fun to see other people's costumes, but I just don't want to do anything, dress up, or go any bars or clubs.  I used to wonder as a child if adults ever dressed up.  I always thought that at some point, people just stopped, but no, it gets better as an adult because you get to go out and party and drink!  Though after a decade of doing such things every year, it gets a bit dull and a break is needed now and then.  So, maybe next year!  I keep saying I'm going to be Boo from Monster's Inc.  I better be her soon before I start looking too old. You know, as far as costumes go, I never could be a scary, creepy, funny, or ugly thing.  It just doesn't appeal to me and it's never my type of costume.  I used to have the sexy costumes, but it's so cold!  The last few years have just been cute things.  

This is from last year.  I do have to say that getting ready, drinking, and eating was the best part of the night.  And sitting around watching Chuckie beforehand.  We all laughed because it's so old and dumb, though I think I did jump in one part.  

i definitely will not be watching any horror flicks tomorrow.  I hope nothing scary is on tv (yeah right).  I just hate horror movies.  I used to enjoy it as a kid because it sort of a rush and a bet to oneself that one could watch such things, but now as adult, it's just plain scary!  And horror movies these days are just over the top.  I can't watch those Saw movies at all.  Who thinks of those things anyway?  It's sick and disturbing.  There are other ways of teaching movie goers to appreciate life.  I just feel like those kind of movies give sickos ideas and there are enough bad things that happen in this world.  You want to watch something really scary?  The news and CNN is full of disturbing real life things.  I just like to stay in my happy place.

Another reason why I hate horror flicks is that a few ghostly encounters are enough to last me a lifetime. I don't need movies to feed my wild imagination any more than it already is.  Great, all this writing about ghosts is starting to scare me.  I am such a baby.  Guess I'll just sleep on the sofa and fall asleep to PBS.

Speaking of PBS, I saw a commercial for a space show.  Now that sounds cool because one of the questions it asked was something like, "have you wondered if there is another you living in an alternate world?"  Uh yes!  

And on another lighter note, I joined Pinterest for some inspiration and craft ideas.  I'm not feeling too creative lately.  Plus there are just awesome pictures on there!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is Joey Boo's Halloween photo.  He's so cute.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

Theater and some

My boyfriend and I went to see a play last night.  It has been a long time since I've been to the theater.  I think the last time I went was a few years ago to see one of my friends perform.  I can't even recall what it was about, only that it was a comedy and I loved it.  I can say that I don't miss being on the stage.  That's for sure.  It's much more fun being the audience.  Half the time I was wondering how they didn't go blind staring at the light or tripping over something when the lights went off.  Anyway, last night's performance was great.  We saw Four Destinies and it was the highlight of my day.

After seeing that, I think I do want to see Les Miserables in December.  I hear it's a great musical and I do like the song I Dreamed a Dream.  I mean, how can one not like that song?  And it's not because of Glee that I like it either.  I like the lyrics.  Besides, I have not been watching Glee this season.  I heard it sucks, which is disappointing since I like the show.  I am not even going to try reading the book by Victor Hugo.  I have way too many books I haven't even started yet on my Nook.  Seriously, I have a couple hundred books and about 160 of them are unopened and some are partially read.  Like I said, when they are free or cheap, gotta take advantage of the price!  And no, I have not been reading lately.  I switch from books to music and right now I'm on music mode.

Otherwise The Lion King is coming in January and just in time for my birthday!  It always gets sold out super fast though.  But really, we don't need to go see the pricey and popular shows.  I'm perfectly fine seeing something smaller.  They're just as entertaining.  Perhaps a comedy.  The one last night was a bit on the tear jerker side.  There were funny moments, but it was sort of sad.

Here are a couple of photos from last Sunday.  It's been a nice Fall with its' warmth and sunshine.  This year, Spring was awful.  It was cold and wet and gray all the time.

I was waiting for some Hobbits to fall down and we'd be off to see Gandalf. 

So much for saving for a new camera.  I have to save it for Evie's medical treatments.  I took her in on Friday and we did a culture test.  I won't get the results until Thursday.  We're looking for specifically what bacterias are on her skin.  I have to look for an E-collar for her as well only when I put it on her, I have to make sure it's not sticking out like what it would like on a dog or cat.  It would be the opposite way, covering her wing area.  I have to make sure it doesn't hit at her scab and irritate that area.  Of course, I gotta make sure my baby isn't stressed out and that she's eating and drinking.  Poor baby.  I just feel so bad for her.  She's just the nicest and sweetest bird.  I wish I could communicate to her to stop mutilating herself.  It breaks my heart every time I have to clean up her wounds and there's blood everywhere.  She can't even fly anymore and just looks so rough right now.  All I can do is give her daily baths, administer pain relief medication for her, and give her tons of food so she doesn't lose weight.  And it's so expensive going to the vet!  But I can't not do anything.  That would be mean and irresponsible of me as her mom.  Like I said, she's my baby.  I also have to buy an Avian Sun Lamp for them since the days are getting shorter and I know I'll be sitting underneath it for some sun therapy.  And I also have to take Joey in to get a blood test to make sure his liver is ok.  And that's more $$$.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Music and Television

I have been on huge music kick.  I have been googling Youtube for tunes from the 80's and 90's.  I found a lot of remakes from a variety of folks and I have to say that there are some talented people out there.  In fact, sometimes they're better than the original.  I wish I could sing!  Every time I hear an average Joe on tv sing really good, I'm just awed by them.  I totally wish I could sing.

I am just so bored with the music on the radio right now.  And I hate listening to the radio because they play the same thing over and over and over again.  I'll switch the station and it will be playing the same thing.  For example, I am so over that dumb Dynamite song and Katy Perry's California Girls.  In fact, I'm over Katy Perry.  I like her, but I can't listen to her music anymore.  I have to switch to something completely different on the radio just to not hear top 40's sometimes.

Anyway, here's a video of a remake of U2's "With or Without You"  I just fell in love with this song again.  They did a great job.  I like this version because it's just softer, slower, and more emotional.

I've also developed a bad habit of watching trashy television shows at night.  Well, it's not that trashy and it's not every night, usually just Wednesdays.  I think it's channel 5.  Or is it 4?  I dunno.  I never pay attention.  It's whatever channel that plays The Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings, and Revenge.  That's 3 hours of me sitting in front of the tube watching it.  But it's hilarious!

Of course, Revenge isn't funny and I only watch it for the hot bartender and to see how she is taking down people.  But really, the actor (Nick Wechsler) that plays the bartender is super cute.  Like when he smiles, and he's got a really cute smile, he has these cute dimples and he's just so sexy!  hehe.  I have a lot of fun texting my work friend cuz we watch it.  "Omg, did you see him there?!  So hot!"  Hey, don't judge, it's the only time we can drool over someone.  Personally, I'd rather spend Wednesday nights laughing and giggling like a teenager than to watch 20/20 or Dateline or 48 Hr Mysteries and then can't sleep at night because I'm worried about someone murdering me and whatnot.  No way.  Though I will admit, I was badly addicted to Bachelor Pad and Jersey Shore and that's trash.  But trash can be so good sometimes :)  Nothing like a little Ron-Ron juice to get the party started.

Nick Wechsler, I like his facial hair and that he's not all clean shaven and pretty boy.  

Another thing I'm addicted to lately: taking Fall pictures.  I have loads to share.  But I think I'll only share my favorite ones or the really good ones I took since I took like a thousand.  I am definitely going to save my money and get a DSLR.  They are expensive, but I do enjoy taking photos.  Pictures mean a lot to me.  After people or pets are gone, your youth, whatever is important to you, pictures capture that moment in time and even if your memories fade, you'll always have those photos to remind you.  Not only that, but the story behind them.  There are photos of my pets that I post on facebook.  They mean nothing to others, but sometimes there is a story behind it and only I know (and find endearing).  I don't post those photos for others, but for me.

It's getting late and all I can say is that I certainly hope I didn't get any ticks on me from hanging out inside a hollow of a tree.  It looks romantic in movies with couples going into one after getting caught in the rain and making out, but it was not romantic.  Nor was my bf and I making out in it.  And it was sunny.  He decided to go in it while I was taking photos of a really cool log with moss all over it.  He thought he would hide from me.  Then he struggled to come out.  Haha.  So I went inside after a few minutes of "I don't know if that's a good idea, is there an animal in there?" It was cool, but it was very quiet, a little too quiet.  It blocked out the wind and noise.  Extremely spacious as well.  And of course on my way out, he says, "honey, there are bats in there" to which I really tried to hurry out though I knew he was lying.  I'll def have to share those photos.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A wild bird at my window

My birds love watching the outside birds fly around and do their thing.  It's rare when it's the opposite.  A long time ago, a bird was flying by and noticed my lovebirds at the window.  It flew back up and hovered looking at them.  It was very brief because Joey or some birdy chirped at it and scared it away.  And when lovebirds chirp, it's not like a sweet gentle chirp.  It's a few loud shrill chirps with a jump and wing flap.  And it's not so much as being mean.  It's more like, "whoa!  I found a bird!  Everyone, there's a stranger here!!!"

Today, I was running around trying to make sure Evie was not being bothered in her play area, that Jada and Hermes would not fight since they were both on me and are terrible enemies, and that everyone else was not chewing on something they shouldn't be.  I turned around to see Pepper sitting quietly at the window sill with a wild bird on the other side of the screen.  Of course, Pepper being the sweet soul that he is, didn't scare it away.  He was definitely curious and surprised.  If it was Joey or some other birdy, they would have scared it right away.  This bird is normal sized, but so tiny compared to Pepper.  

I was annoyed with myself for not having my camera ready.  I ran to grab the battery that was still charging and came back to see the bird still there, but no Pepper for the photo!  I took one anyway.  He wasn't scared and seemed more interested in the bugs that were stuck in the screen.  I was so sad when Basil or some birdy flew down to the window sill and scared it away :(  

After all that, I go back to work on my pizza.  Uh, someone took advantage of their time and ate my pizza crust.  A big no-no!  Most likely it was Jada.  She eats anything and always eats her bread this way.  And she always wants her mommy's food!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of Fall Colors

The second day I decided to venture further than 2 blocks down the street so I went around the neighborhood.  A lot of people had beautiful flowers in their yards, but I didn't take any pictures of it since that's all private stuff.  I had to stick to public areas.  The thing about living in a city is that there are people everywhere!  A lot of people were looking at me weird, but a lot of folks stopped to remark on the beauty of the leaves too.  I live by two parks so I paid them each a visit.

I love the blue and red

I love the green, gold, and red on this tree.

There was a really happy squirrel up there too.

Definitely love the blue and orange!

Took so long for my camera to focus on this one thing.

This was one of my fave finds of the day.  It was just an ordinary bush, nothing special about it really.  I was walking around it and I saw these blooms.  They were so small and pretty.  I had to take photos of them.  It was difficult.  My Macro mode would not work for the life of me.  I swear, I think I stood around this bush for 30 mins.  I was so still and quiet that a pair of squirrels that were playing with each other, came running through the bush and past my feet.  Let's just say I jumped!  The squirrels were surprised as well at my presence.  

These ones were hard to photograph.  I'm tempted to go back this weekend to take more photos (but go earlier in the day so there's less people).  

I thought they looked like cute mittens or slippers.

And finally, my fave finds of the day: sidewalk boo boos.  or sidewalk art.  

I always look at the ground when I walk.  I don't look for any particular reason other than habit.  I think it started when I would tread carefully over ice in the winter and always looked so I would only step on "safe" areas (if you grow up around snow and ice, you know what I'm talking about: bumpy ice is safer than flat ice, less slick and more grip or so that's my theory).  Anyway, I was on my way back and saw the leaf imprint and nearby was a leaf on the ground.  It's amazing what you'll find on the sidewalk if you only just look!

I see animal prints  the most on sidewalks.  I always wonder and worry a bit that they got cement on them and hopefully it didn't hurt them.  I just love their cute little paw prints.  This was on a busy street so I didn't linger around too long taking photos.  I just did it quickly and casually as if I was only looking at photos under the the glare of the sun.  

And someone's hand!  Yes, those are my chubs on the right.