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Monday, October 31, 2011


As it is Halloween, I thought I would write about cemeteries.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is something spooky about them and the mere mention of visiting one to take pictures was greeted by a "hell no, are you crazy?" by my boyfriend.  No, I'm not crazy.  Yes, it's creepy, but there is something very peaceful and beautiful about cemeteries, especially old ones (though I do say that they are the most eerie).  I like looking at the tombstones, the dates and names on them.  I wonder who these people were, how did they live, how did they die, what wishes and dreams did they take with them, did they accomplish all they wanted, and were they good or bad people.  When I went to take some Autumn photos, I had to walk by an enormous cemetery.  It was extremely quiet and large.  This one though does not allow photos to be taken.  I did dare from outside the fence and then I deleted the photos because I felt bad (yes, I am a goody goody two shoes like that).

I actually did not dress up and go anywhere this weekend.  I did not catch the fever this year.  It's fun to see other people's costumes, but I just don't want to do anything, dress up, or go any bars or clubs.  I used to wonder as a child if adults ever dressed up.  I always thought that at some point, people just stopped, but no, it gets better as an adult because you get to go out and party and drink!  Though after a decade of doing such things every year, it gets a bit dull and a break is needed now and then.  So, maybe next year!  I keep saying I'm going to be Boo from Monster's Inc.  I better be her soon before I start looking too old. You know, as far as costumes go, I never could be a scary, creepy, funny, or ugly thing.  It just doesn't appeal to me and it's never my type of costume.  I used to have the sexy costumes, but it's so cold!  The last few years have just been cute things.  

This is from last year.  I do have to say that getting ready, drinking, and eating was the best part of the night.  And sitting around watching Chuckie beforehand.  We all laughed because it's so old and dumb, though I think I did jump in one part.  

i definitely will not be watching any horror flicks tomorrow.  I hope nothing scary is on tv (yeah right).  I just hate horror movies.  I used to enjoy it as a kid because it sort of a rush and a bet to oneself that one could watch such things, but now as adult, it's just plain scary!  And horror movies these days are just over the top.  I can't watch those Saw movies at all.  Who thinks of those things anyway?  It's sick and disturbing.  There are other ways of teaching movie goers to appreciate life.  I just feel like those kind of movies give sickos ideas and there are enough bad things that happen in this world.  You want to watch something really scary?  The news and CNN is full of disturbing real life things.  I just like to stay in my happy place.

Another reason why I hate horror flicks is that a few ghostly encounters are enough to last me a lifetime. I don't need movies to feed my wild imagination any more than it already is.  Great, all this writing about ghosts is starting to scare me.  I am such a baby.  Guess I'll just sleep on the sofa and fall asleep to PBS.

Speaking of PBS, I saw a commercial for a space show.  Now that sounds cool because one of the questions it asked was something like, "have you wondered if there is another you living in an alternate world?"  Uh yes!  

And on another lighter note, I joined Pinterest for some inspiration and craft ideas.  I'm not feeling too creative lately.  Plus there are just awesome pictures on there!

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