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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of Fall Colors

The second day I decided to venture further than 2 blocks down the street so I went around the neighborhood.  A lot of people had beautiful flowers in their yards, but I didn't take any pictures of it since that's all private stuff.  I had to stick to public areas.  The thing about living in a city is that there are people everywhere!  A lot of people were looking at me weird, but a lot of folks stopped to remark on the beauty of the leaves too.  I live by two parks so I paid them each a visit.

I love the blue and red

I love the green, gold, and red on this tree.

There was a really happy squirrel up there too.

Definitely love the blue and orange!

Took so long for my camera to focus on this one thing.

This was one of my fave finds of the day.  It was just an ordinary bush, nothing special about it really.  I was walking around it and I saw these blooms.  They were so small and pretty.  I had to take photos of them.  It was difficult.  My Macro mode would not work for the life of me.  I swear, I think I stood around this bush for 30 mins.  I was so still and quiet that a pair of squirrels that were playing with each other, came running through the bush and past my feet.  Let's just say I jumped!  The squirrels were surprised as well at my presence.  

These ones were hard to photograph.  I'm tempted to go back this weekend to take more photos (but go earlier in the day so there's less people).  

I thought they looked like cute mittens or slippers.

And finally, my fave finds of the day: sidewalk boo boos.  or sidewalk art.  

I always look at the ground when I walk.  I don't look for any particular reason other than habit.  I think it started when I would tread carefully over ice in the winter and always looked so I would only step on "safe" areas (if you grow up around snow and ice, you know what I'm talking about: bumpy ice is safer than flat ice, less slick and more grip or so that's my theory).  Anyway, I was on my way back and saw the leaf imprint and nearby was a leaf on the ground.  It's amazing what you'll find on the sidewalk if you only just look!

I see animal prints  the most on sidewalks.  I always wonder and worry a bit that they got cement on them and hopefully it didn't hurt them.  I just love their cute little paw prints.  This was on a busy street so I didn't linger around too long taking photos.  I just did it quickly and casually as if I was only looking at photos under the the glare of the sun.  

And someone's hand!  Yes, those are my chubs on the right.  

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