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Monday, October 24, 2011

Theater and some

My boyfriend and I went to see a play last night.  It has been a long time since I've been to the theater.  I think the last time I went was a few years ago to see one of my friends perform.  I can't even recall what it was about, only that it was a comedy and I loved it.  I can say that I don't miss being on the stage.  That's for sure.  It's much more fun being the audience.  Half the time I was wondering how they didn't go blind staring at the light or tripping over something when the lights went off.  Anyway, last night's performance was great.  We saw Four Destinies and it was the highlight of my day.

After seeing that, I think I do want to see Les Miserables in December.  I hear it's a great musical and I do like the song I Dreamed a Dream.  I mean, how can one not like that song?  And it's not because of Glee that I like it either.  I like the lyrics.  Besides, I have not been watching Glee this season.  I heard it sucks, which is disappointing since I like the show.  I am not even going to try reading the book by Victor Hugo.  I have way too many books I haven't even started yet on my Nook.  Seriously, I have a couple hundred books and about 160 of them are unopened and some are partially read.  Like I said, when they are free or cheap, gotta take advantage of the price!  And no, I have not been reading lately.  I switch from books to music and right now I'm on music mode.

Otherwise The Lion King is coming in January and just in time for my birthday!  It always gets sold out super fast though.  But really, we don't need to go see the pricey and popular shows.  I'm perfectly fine seeing something smaller.  They're just as entertaining.  Perhaps a comedy.  The one last night was a bit on the tear jerker side.  There were funny moments, but it was sort of sad.

Here are a couple of photos from last Sunday.  It's been a nice Fall with its' warmth and sunshine.  This year, Spring was awful.  It was cold and wet and gray all the time.

I was waiting for some Hobbits to fall down and we'd be off to see Gandalf. 

So much for saving for a new camera.  I have to save it for Evie's medical treatments.  I took her in on Friday and we did a culture test.  I won't get the results until Thursday.  We're looking for specifically what bacterias are on her skin.  I have to look for an E-collar for her as well only when I put it on her, I have to make sure it's not sticking out like what it would like on a dog or cat.  It would be the opposite way, covering her wing area.  I have to make sure it doesn't hit at her scab and irritate that area.  Of course, I gotta make sure my baby isn't stressed out and that she's eating and drinking.  Poor baby.  I just feel so bad for her.  She's just the nicest and sweetest bird.  I wish I could communicate to her to stop mutilating herself.  It breaks my heart every time I have to clean up her wounds and there's blood everywhere.  She can't even fly anymore and just looks so rough right now.  All I can do is give her daily baths, administer pain relief medication for her, and give her tons of food so she doesn't lose weight.  And it's so expensive going to the vet!  But I can't not do anything.  That would be mean and irresponsible of me as her mom.  Like I said, she's my baby.  I also have to buy an Avian Sun Lamp for them since the days are getting shorter and I know I'll be sitting underneath it for some sun therapy.  And I also have to take Joey in to get a blood test to make sure his liver is ok.  And that's more $$$.


  1. Thank you for stopping by Heartland's blog. Please visit often. What a lovely family of hairy/feathery kids you have.

  2. of course christina. i do love Heartland and all the wonderful things you guys for those buns :)