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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A wild bird at my window

My birds love watching the outside birds fly around and do their thing.  It's rare when it's the opposite.  A long time ago, a bird was flying by and noticed my lovebirds at the window.  It flew back up and hovered looking at them.  It was very brief because Joey or some birdy chirped at it and scared it away.  And when lovebirds chirp, it's not like a sweet gentle chirp.  It's a few loud shrill chirps with a jump and wing flap.  And it's not so much as being mean.  It's more like, "whoa!  I found a bird!  Everyone, there's a stranger here!!!"

Today, I was running around trying to make sure Evie was not being bothered in her play area, that Jada and Hermes would not fight since they were both on me and are terrible enemies, and that everyone else was not chewing on something they shouldn't be.  I turned around to see Pepper sitting quietly at the window sill with a wild bird on the other side of the screen.  Of course, Pepper being the sweet soul that he is, didn't scare it away.  He was definitely curious and surprised.  If it was Joey or some other birdy, they would have scared it right away.  This bird is normal sized, but so tiny compared to Pepper.  

I was annoyed with myself for not having my camera ready.  I ran to grab the battery that was still charging and came back to see the bird still there, but no Pepper for the photo!  I took one anyway.  He wasn't scared and seemed more interested in the bugs that were stuck in the screen.  I was so sad when Basil or some birdy flew down to the window sill and scared it away :(  

After all that, I go back to work on my pizza.  Uh, someone took advantage of their time and ate my pizza crust.  A big no-no!  Most likely it was Jada.  She eats anything and always eats her bread this way.  And she always wants her mommy's food!

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