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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Foraging Bowl

Foraging is a great way to keep your birds entertained and busy.  Instead of food laying around for them out in the open, they can search and work for their food.  Depending on what the foraging is, mine either love it or could care less for it.  One of their favorites is a foraging bowl.  I used to use a Glad entree size food storage container, but I stopped because one morning I woke up and found Evie underneath it and she couldn't it get off her.  They had tossed out all the toys and I think she jumped onto the edge of it and it flipped over on her.  I still use them, but only when I'm around and no longer leave it in their cages.

Nowadays, I use a ceramic dog bowl.  It's deep and big enough for two birds to sit in and it's also heavy so I don't have to worry about them jumping on it and that it's going to flip on them.  I sprinkle some pellets, nutriberries, and seeds onto the bottom of the bowl.  I wrap some up in coffee filters.

I toss in some hard toys.  As you can see I have various beads, plastic and wood.

And some shredding toys along with some pistachio shells (not salted of course) and curly straws.  Those are colored lollipop sticks by the way.  My birds like to peel it apart.  

I cut up some coffee filters and threw them into the mix

Joey loves getting the wrapped treats

Wasabi, Ginger, and Apollo 

Basil and Sage 


Apollo was not sharing!  

It is a great inexpensive way to keep my birds entertained.  They really do like it when I wrap up the treats, so I like to do that ahead of time because that can be the most time consuming.

In a couple of days, I'll write about sprouting for birds and I'll be making them a mash of various ingredients.

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