"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free"


Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello world!

I am excited to start writing about my favorite things in the world from art to parrots.

I enjoy being a parront (a term used for a companion parrot parents).  They are wonderful creatures with so much joy and wonder.  They are naughty, can be extremely annoying, downright aggressive, draw blood, loud, and determined little things, but without them, it would much too quiet, dull, empty, and lonesome.  How I ever went around for 28 years without a bird, I don't know.  I love to find new ideas to enrich their lives without breaking the bank.  Bird toys can be quite expensive if you don't know where to look.  I love cooking for them much more than for myself so I am always looking for new recipes though I tend to never follow directions by adding more of this or less of that.

I also have a wonderful rabbit who is very eager to eat up all the veggies the birds toss out.  I do wonder if he is lonely for a friend, but he seems to be happy and content with being the only bun around.  I wanted a furry creature and a rabbit was the best for me to get.  First of all, he's cute and cuddly.  Second of all, he eats basically the same vegetables and fruits as the birds.  Third, he won't eat my birds or try to pounce on them.  I am quite surprised at how great rabbits are as pets just like I was with birds, but I am an animal lover in general.

And really, my third love is literature.  I grew up on stories and I continue to feed off them.  I am picky about what I read though.  I don't do good with horror.  I hate scary things.  I don't like mysteries.  Nor romance.  I like fantasy, teens, even children's (Harry Potter), fiction, and poetry.  I like non fiction books too about history and people.  Right now I am trying to read classic novels.  I started on Jane Eyre, but then I stopped.  I did the same with David Copperfield.  I do need to start them again as I did like them.

Anyway, I plan to continue writing about things that inspire me, move me, things I care about, and am interested in.

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