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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Great Minnesota Get Together

If there is one thing I look forward to every year, it is the Minnesota State Fair.  it's the end to Summer and the start of Fall.  There is always so much to do, see, and eat.  I always have a great time and no matter how many times I go, it seems as though I don't see or do all that is there.  Since my bf only had an x amount of time before his soccer game, we did what we could in four hours.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but we'll be back.  I was surprised I didn't eat as much as I thought I would have today.  Oh well, there is always next weekend.

One of my favorite things to see there are the animals.  I just love them, especially the rabbits and horses.  I do feel bad for the animals there that are advertised for meat.  I once saw the cutest goat for sale for meat and I just wanted to him/her home so bad.  The state fair is where I got Milo too!  I must have been walking up and down the Holland Lop lanes for over 30 mins looking at them.  I decided not to get a rabbit, but later after the birds of prey show, we were walking back and the breeders were packing up to go home.  There was a truck full of rabbits and people were gathered around playing with them.  That was when I decided to take Milo home.  I almost picked out the lop next to him, but the breeder really liked Milo, so I figured that there was a reason why she liked him and so we bought him.

Of course, we couldn't stay any longer at the fair with a rabbit in our arms and no carrier.   I was actually quite scared that he would jump out of my boyfriend's arms and into the street as we were waiting for the lights to turn green on Snelling Ave (it's a super busy street, esp during fair season).  Thankfully, he preferred to be held inside my sweatshirt plus I think being tired from 4 days at the fair helped.  We rushed to the nearest pet store and most were closed or close to closing.  We finally found a Petco with ten minutes left to spare!

Anyway, these photos are from the fair today.  I really do enjoy going to see the animals.  They are just so cute and it's the only time I get to pet the farm animals.  As you can see, I really love the loppy ears.  I wanted to take more photos, but it was really packed and we were on a time crunch so I mostly looked at my faves.

This black lop was the sweetest thing ever.  He loved being petted and would just stick his head as far out of the cage as he could .

I love the farm kids who just go and lay right next to their cows.  

Seriously, this cow was so darn cute.  I wish the lighting was better.  

This lamb was so cute!!!

And finally, the horses.  My word are they majestic creatures!  I love them yet find them sort of terrifying due to their large size and power.

This first horse was super sweet and nice.  She came up to us right away and let us touch her.  The guy who owned her then opened up the gate to let people pet her, which was super nice of him.  Most folks prefer that you don't.  And the baby he was carrying so so goofy and happy.  She was not afraid of the horse and grabbed at her nose, face, and everything.  The horse was so good with her and with everyone.

All I ate today at the fair: funnel cake, fries, and a bratwurst.  I did have bites of my bf's spaghetti and meatball (though I don't know why one would order that at the fair anyway since I eat that at least once a month) and pork chop.

Next week when I go back, I intend on going to the Butterfly House.  That should be fun!  And eating fried apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top.  Yum!

I'm not much of a rides person.  I'd rather take photos of people while they are up there.

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