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Monday, January 2, 2012

It's a new year: 2012

I can't believe that 2011 is over.  It went by so fast, well, every year flies by faster than the last.  I have heard that time goes by faster as you get older. 

A highlight of 2011 for me was the Royal Wedding.  I tried so hard not to get caught up on it and it was sort of annoying, but I couldn't help but suckered in.  I just love Kate and Will.  They just seem like such honest and nice people despite their status.  I was never in love with William.  He looks like his father too much, but I think Kate is just the cutest thing.  I did not love her dress.  It's a bit too regal and old fashioned for me, but it suits her really well and I wouldn't expect royalty to wear anything different.  It's not like they can exactly wear Vera Wang runway couture with a strapless back or something.

Personally, my fave thing this past year was my 30th Harry Potter themed birthday party.  I had such a blast with my great and awesome coworkers, bosses, sister, boyfriend, and closest friend.  I never really got to have birthday parties as a kid nor was Harry Potter around so I figured, why not do it now?  Sure it's not normal for a 30th birthday, but that's ok.  I've been going out and getting drunk on my birthdays for the last decade, why not do something different?  I worked so hard on it for weeks, in fact, it was all I could talk about for a month or two beforehand.  I'm sure I was driving my bf and my coworkers nuts.  Everyone dressed up too, well, almost everyone.  But one of my bosses spent the weekend beforehand whittling wands!  Hehe.  I went upstairs to the lounge area and there he was, still working on it.  He even dyed it to a nice brown color.  

I look super nerdy, but I love it!  and yes, those are posters I edited from photos I found online and soaked them in coffee water with coffee grinds.  One of my work friends took it one step further and and burned the edges.  She's so crafty :)

Yep, we even had a long Hogwarts table

I didn't do much for NYE.  I toyed with the idea of going out, but being that I worked all day on Saturday, it rained and then snowed, it was just better to stay home.  Of course I had to go to the liquor store for some sangria and pear cider.  It wasn't that big of a deal.  I played games on Facebook while my bf watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  I didn't even realize it was 2012 until I saw the time on my laptop saying it was 12:02 A.M.  We're so much fun :)

With the new year, the warm winter we had disappeared.  It has been extremely cold and gusty today.  I didn't realize how drafty my windows were until today.  And it's been so cold in my apt.  My space heater is not in use right now because a little rabbit chewed up the cord and I have yet to go buy a new one (a lack of motivation due to the warmness of winter).  Btw, when I say warm, I mean 30-40 degrees, which is warm here in Mn.  The snowfall last night was absolutely beautiful though.  It fell in soft huge flakes, like scraps of white office paper falling from the sky. 

Happy New Year to you all.  I don't believe the world will be ending this year though.  I'm not usually a resolutions sort of girl, but I think this year I'd like to write more, work on my craft projects more, be more productive with my time, save more money, work out, and sleep more.  Wow, there's a lot I want to do more of isn't there?  

I also got a little surprise from Ginger: an egg.  She laid her first one.  The entire flock has been extremely hormonal.  I love them, but they have been driving me insane with their hormones.  They are not only ten times more loud and obnoxious, but VERY mean to each other.  Ginger got into two huge fights last week with her mom and Sage.  She had them both by the necks and would not let go.  I sprayed her with water because that usually breaks up the arguments, but she only let Sage go when they both fell off the table and hit the floor.

Joey has been masturbating his teddy bear and to be honest, all the boys have.  Every birdy has been mating with their partners.  All they want to do is find a dark corner and nest in there including hiding inside my shirt.  It is a madhouse.

I am not letting Ginger have her babies though.  I have a hard enough time letting them go (hence why I still have all of them) and I don't trust people enough to sell them.  There are certain bird people I do know and I would just give them a bird if they ever wanted one, but in general, strangers are a different story.  I once did post on Craigslist to see what kind of responses I would get and I was not surprised of course.  I had all the "I'm getting this for my kid" (I just think this is a bad idea, it should be a family pet, not just for a child.  Sure some kids are awesome, but I've heard too many "kids lost interest" reasons to why a pet is rehomed) to "we don't want to pay a large rehoming fee due to the fact that we don't have any money." (uh, how are you going to feed it? and supply it with toys? and what kind of cage are they going to have?  and medical bills?).

I do admit, I appreciate the honesty because in the end I am really doing the people who write back a favor.  So yes, found the dummy eggs I'll replacing her eggs with.  I think I'm going to boil her eggs (no worries, they are nothing but yolks right now) and then put them back in because I have a feeling at the rate the hormones are kicking in right now, other pairs will be laying soon.  Fun times I tell ya.  I really wish I could keep the babies, but I have no more room left and it's pricey with the amount of birds I have plus Evie's medicals bills are $$$.  Believe me, I love baby birds.  They are so precious, cute, and fun.  I love hand raising babies.  It's such a miracle to see them as eggs, hatchlings, and then 6 weeks later, they are out and flying.  I love watching them learn how to fly.  It is so instinctual and they do it with so much grace.  I love seeing that spark in their eyes when they make the first flight or see their siblings do it.  I remember when Basil learned how to and Ginger saw him.  She tried to follow him and wanted to do the same exact thing.  The look in her eyes were full of determination and of that spark.  Those 8-9 weeks from eggs to weaning goes by super fast.

So yes.  I tried to take some recent photos but like I said, they are all nuts right now and won't sit still for the camera.  You'd think it was a monster they've never seen before.  So I played around with a free photo software from http://www.poladroid.net/.  I love it.  It's pretty fun and it only takes like 8 pictures or so before telling you to turn it off because the film is out like a real polaroid.

And today, January 2, is Pan's take home day!!!  It has been 3 years since I have brought him home back in 2009.  I still remember it like it was yesterday. 

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